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The team at SERVICE DE MISE AU POINT LEBLANC can work on all types of geothermal, central heating and cooling systems.

Choose maximum performance

SERVICE DE MISE AU POINT LEBLANC can expertly perform any fluid flow balancing work. Our goal is to optimize the performance of heating, air conditioning or water pump systems. As a team of building technicians, each with 15 to 30 years of industry experience, we guarantee high-quality work. We inspect various elements of your system, the main goal of which is to optimize user comfort. You can feel confident hiring our experts for the job! To get the process started, be sure to ask for a service quote.

A wide range of options for optimizing an air conditioning system.

Hydronic balancing experts

Depending on the heating system’s configuration, our team can also handle any hydronic balancing and air balancing. This kind of procedure includes inspecting the alignment of all the equipment in a network (water towers, pumps, coolers, coils, exchangers, valves, etc.). In order to guarantee quality and precision work, we only use state-of-the-art equipment, such as ultrasonic flowmeters and hydronic pressure gauges. Our technicians are trained to interpret the data collected by these devices.

Using sophisticated devices to inspect hydronic systems

Our services also include :

  • Analysis of ventilation systems
  • Hydraulic balancing
  • Leak testing
  • Ultrasonic monitoring


Service de mise au point Leblanc

1275 A Rue Bergar

Laval QC H7L 4Z7


(514) 613-3418