Ultrasonic Reading Diagnosis Specialist

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We specialize in all work concerning the optimization of your ventilation or air conditioning systems.

Carrying out all balancing operations

Air balancing in a building is essential after the installation of a new ventilation system. We are your privileged advisor for this type of operation, regardless of the type of equipment installed on your building.

You can also call us for air balancing after a redesign of a space served by a system. In addition, balancing work is essential following a modification on a system component.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of thermal discomfort caused by uneven temperature or draught. We provide impeccable services.

Our services :
  • Fluid balancing
  • Air balancing
  • Leak test
  • Reading with ultrasound
Our guarantees:
  • Quality work
  • High-performance equipment
  • On-time work completion
We travel to several cities in the Province of Quebec:
  • Laval,
  • Montreal, etc.
Air balancing Laval

Let us handle all your ventilation and air conditioning problems.

Professional Assistance

Service de mise au point Leblanc has years of experience dealing with fluid and air balancing. We also have proven expertise in performing leak tests.

In order to achieve precise balancing, our technicians collect various data. To do this, we use state-of-the-art measuring instruments. No element of your system will be spared by the meticulous controls of our experts: diffusers, grille outlets, pulleys, belts, fans...

You can also make the most of our expert advice to correct various imperfections.

Air balancing Laval

Opt for meticulous control of each element of your ventilation system.

Ask us your questions to learn more about our services.

We are known for the quality and reliability of our services in the Province of Quebec (Laval, Montreal, etc.).

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